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Review of North Wales Abuse Tribunal calls for evidence

The Independent Review of the Waterhouse Tribunal will today publish an Issues Paper calling for views on the scope of the original Inquiry and whether or not it sufficiently investigated specific allegations of child abuse in North Wales care homes.

Commenting on the call for further evidence, Mrs Justice Macur said:

‘To ensure I can thoroughly investigate allegations that the abuse of children in care in North Wales was not investigated in the course of the ‘Waterhouse Inquiry’ I am seeking further views on the issues relating to this Inquiry.

‘We want to hear from as many individuals and interested parties as possible. This paper offers an opportunity for people and organisations to provide information or evidence that may help to provide some answers.’

There are several issues to consider which can be seen on the Ministry of Justice webpage here http://www.justice.gov.uk/news/press-releases/macur-review/call-for-evidence

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