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Churches have a duty

      <li >The Church is being told to welcome sex offenders, according to an article in the Times today . “CHURCHES have a “duty” to welcome sex offenders into their midst, according to a Church of England report published yesterday


      “Congregations can be one of the few places where sex offenders can mix with a welcoming community,” says the report,

Meeting the Challenge,

      which offers guidelines on how churches should respond to sex offenders” <li >Also the courts have sentenced Michael John Carroll to 10 years imprisonment for child abuse at children’s homes in London and Merseyside today.Earlier this month he pleaded guilty to 35 sample charges including 24 Indecent Assaults, 5 Attempted Buggery, 5 Buggery and one act of ndecency against 12 boys, some as young as 8 years old. Interestingly, he was an orphan who was in care himself. He attended Nazareth House in Birkenhead and then St. Edmunds Orphanage in Bebington, Wirral. In itigation he alleged a cruel regime including beatings by the nuns and abuse by older boys. Compensation claims are almost inevitable.

Abney Garsden McDonald

    have already received some instructions to act

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  1. I was there as a child in the 60s when mr carrol was there I also remember canon mc cue who hit me with the strap

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