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The Irish Case

In partnership with Irwin Mitchell of Leeds, Birmingham, and London, and Smith Llewelyn of Swansea, Abney Garsden McDonald, on behalf of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers will be handling the Irish claims against various homes in Southern Ireland, most of which were run by various religious orders. On Saturday 5th June 1999 at the Birmingham United Services Club, Gough Street, Birmingham there will be a conference on “Institutional Child Abuse in Ireland”, addressed by various professional speakers including Irish Counsel, David Glasgow, Psychologist, and others. Victims and their families are invited and expected to attend. Many attendees from the homes emigrated to this country and America from Ireland, when they left the Care Homes (known as Industrial schools). For further details contact Peter Garsden, or the Irish solicitors co-ordinating the action Lavelle Coleman 51/52 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2, Ireland Tel 003531 66189826 Email [email protected]

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