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Yes, Newsnight screwed up, but let’s remember who the real victims are – and listen to them

Read this very graphic and meritorious article in the Independent by Owen Jones, which starts:-

“In a rush to condemn the BBC it seems one of the most horrendous cases of child abuse is being overlooked.

They were little children, gang-raped and beaten till they bled by those charged with their care. “Buggery, rape, bestiality, violent assaults and torture,” is how Labour MP Ann Clwyd summed up the findings of a pulped report by Clwyd County Council into abuse at children’s homes in north Wales. Steven Messham was sent to Bryn Estyn – supposedly a care home, in reality a rape factory – at the age of 13. Those who, like him, had been hand-picked to satisfy the perverse needs of sexual monsters were sent to flats and hotel rooms in their pyjamas to be raped. By the time Messham escaped on the eve of his 18th birthday, more than 50 men had abused him.”….

Read more in the Independent here – http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/yes-newsnight-screwed-up-but-lets-remember-who-the-real-victims-are–and-listen-to-them-8304858.html


2 thoughts on “Yes, Newsnight screwed up, but let’s remember who the real victims are – and listen to them

  1. i was sent to a salvation Army probation home after running away from an abusive family home and locked up for 1yr and i had not committed any crimes against anybody ,we were locked up 24hrs day and not even allowed out in the garden.i was abused by the boiler man in the basement .When it was my turn to leave i was turned onto the street with nowhere to go and i became homeless at 16yrs and lived on the streets i am still suffering today because of all the abuse that i took there

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