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Restoring Dignity press conference to occur today.

We’ve received word from Restoring Dignity that they’re to have a press conference today at 1:30pm in Luneburg Room, The Westin, Nova Scotian, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Below follows their press release related to it.

Traumatic Brain Injury common among child abuse victims/survivors but many falling through the cracks of the system.

The Press Conference will discuss the impact of Traumatic Brain Injury among child abuse victims/survivors.

Mr. Roch Longueépée, founder and CEO for Restoring Dignity has been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury. The diagnosis comes after a ten year period of heavy research and systemic hurdles.

Joining Mr. Longueépée :

  • *Ms. Margo Dauphinee, Executive Director, The Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia.
  • Mr. Harry Zarins, M.Ed., Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of Canada
  • Dr. Michael J. Rieder, Lead medical investigator, MD, Ph.D FRCPC FAAP FRCP(Glasgow), CIHR-GSK Chair in Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology, Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Departments of Medicine, Physiology & Pharmacology and Paediatrics Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Faculty Scholar, University of Western Ontario.

Longueépée will also be discussing the issue of his diagnosis and Traumatic Brian Injury among child abuse victims/survivors. Traumatic Brain Injury an issue Longueépée says has not been discussed with the segment of the population unlike Military Personnel, contact sports and others. Longueépée also will be encouraging child abuse victims/survivors who have experienced head trauma to seek testing, treatment and accommodation. Equally important are the standards of assessing injuries of children entering the child welfare system.

Longueépée says many child abuse victims/survivors are misdiagnosed and are falling through the cracks of the system. Longueépée says a dialogue about child abuse victims/survivors living with Traumatic Brain Injury must begin to encourage public understanding and education for this underrepresented segment of the population.  This segment of the population he says are struggling with ‘invisible disabilities’ as is he.

Restoring Dignity expresses their heartfelt gratitude to The Westin Nova Scotian for sponsoring this event. Please visit our sponsors online at: http://www.thewestinnovascotian.com/

Please note that the opinions above are those of Restoring Dignity and do not necessarily accord to those of ACAL.

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