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Solicitor of the Year award to David Greenwood

Congratulations must go out to David Greenwood, who was voted, Claimant Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year at the recent Eclipse Personal Injury Awards, held at the Park Lane Plaza Hotel in London on Wednesday 14th November 2012. Perhaps Abuse Compensation Solicitors are finally getting the compensation they deserve.

David has done many meritorious things over the last year including getting many cases into the Supreme Court to change the law eg Young v Catholic Church, St. Williams Group Action, as well as setting up Stop Church Child Abuse, a campaign designed to encourage a nationwide political move to change the Church’s attitude to Child Abuse.

Peter Garsden, President of ACAL was also nominated as a finalist.

5 thoughts on “Solicitor of the Year award to David Greenwood

  1. I hope this award adds weight to the campaign for justice for me ,and all the other victims of instituitional abuse.and stops the organisationsi involved trying to pass the buck.enough is enough this has gone to long .brian woods. Victim st Williams.

  2. My name is Dale smith I was allso a victim at the hands ov the pedo priests at st Williams I was in st Patrick's .and Brian I couldn't have put it eny better. I no David personally.the hours he as put in out ov hours. The man wants a knight hood.

  3. Hello Brian . Your comments couldn't have been put eny better .i was at st Williams too .did you no by the time this case is resolved . Thay will be out ov prison that's the judicial system in this country ,I no David personally the man should get a MBE, OBE, what ever thay get.if you get knighted for rideing a bike, or a MBE , for winning a gold medel, what doz he dicerve. I was in st Patrick's house early to late 80s. Men ov god that's why all there church's & mass,s are empty,

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