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Tory MP warned of powerful paedophile ring

This article which appeared in the Independent answers a lot of unanswered questions about PIE and the long buried investigation which was reported to Leon Britain in the early 1980’s connected with Operation Fernbridge which is currently investigating visits to Elm Guest House by various high ranking politicians in the 1980’s. The article starts

“A burly veteran of scores of amateur boxing bouts, the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens was best known during his bustling 16-year career in Parliament as a pugnacious right-winger who supplied “hang ‘em and flog ‘em” quotes to the tabloids.

Eighteen years after his death, however, the backbencher’s reputation as a political lightweight is being revised in the wake of a Scotland Yard investigation which is exhuming a scandal long buried in the Westminster of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.”

To read the full article in the Independent click here

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