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ACAL Campaign victory – SLAS scapped

“I am delighted to attach a letter from the Ministry of Justice saying that “having carefully considered the views…,and the position regarding child abuse cases, Ministers have decided not to proceed with implementation of the SLAS (Supplementarty Legal Aid Scheme)”.

This is great news, and means that Legal Aid will rank as a definite advantage for abuse cases over no win no fee agreements, which are, of course, still an alternative.

The government will not be able to claw back 25% of Claimants compensation after April 2013, as was their orginal intention.

Just to remind you I also attach my original letter of objection.

I think we can claim a resounding victory for ACAL on this one. I will be publicising it on the website, and to the survivor groups. It seems that we always win our campaigns, as far back as I can remember.

If you want to read more about our campaign, click here

Peter Garsden, President

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