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Australia launches abuse enquiry – come on England – catch up

The Guardian reports that “Australia has launched a national inquiry into allegations of child sex abuse in state and religious institutions and NGOs, a process in which more than 5,000 victims are likely to give evidence.

A panel of six commissioners launched the inquiry, known in Australia as a royal commission. Witnesses can be compelled to testify and risk imprisonment for lying.

The inquiry was unlikely to achieve the late 2015 deadline set by the government because so many people wanted to give evidence, said Justice Pete McClellan, the commission’s chairman.”

Your webmaster comments that this is a trend which seems to be taking on an increasing popularity in most commonwealth countries round the world – both Northern and Southern Ireland have had their own versions of this enquiry – when will England catch up rather than announce something limited to the late Jimmy Savile.

One thought on “Australia launches abuse enquiry – come on England – catch up

  1. Time to unite and call for a National Enquiry then? Organisations like yours and the NCPSS need to lead.

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